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Shipping Information

The legal people tell us that the information below has to be explicit. Most of it is common-sense stuff, but the wording may seem down right scary,so if you need further explanations, please, TELEPHONE US, TOLL FREE AT 1-888-765-8027 we're here to help. We like happy customers, not irritated customers. So help us to help you

Please Note: Pricing can now be shown in either U.S dollars or Canadian dollars. Click on US or Cdn in the top right corner of the Catalog.

Please also Note: Canadian Sales Tax is not included in the price and we do not collect US Taxes (at this time).   Shipping/Handling charges have not been included. The process is: Place your product in the Shopping Cart, follow through to the Check out, put in the required information. Click on Buy and Jo will receive your order and e-mail you back to confirm the item is available, inform you of taxes if applicable, also drop-shipping//handling charges if any are applicable. Jo will provide a breakdown and your total to pay before you finalise the order. We don't want you having any surprises.

PLEASE NOTE: provides free shipping on an individual invoice total $200.00 or over for a product shipped within USA to a USA resident; or for a product shipped within Canada to a Canadian resident.

Also please note:There are NO returns on Clearance items, or Special Orders.

BIG STUFF!  If your order  is a large, bulky, or heavy item, it will be noted on the catalog page of the item, that your order will require specialty shipping by a ground transport carrier. We will email you the Shipping/Handling, or ground transportation costs, should those costs apply,  Once you have the Product cost and Shipping/Handling cost you may then confirm continuation of the order and only then will we ask for your identity verification and credit information, upon receipt of this information  we will process the payment and the order will be shipped. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery, subject to availability.

If you have questions about the process, please phone us TOLL FREE at 1-888-765-8027

Shipping Cross border.

If you submit an order that only a US supplier can provide, or conversely that only a Canadian supplier can provide, you agree to assume responsibility for any customs, brokerage, foreign taxes, duties or return shipping fees, again check with Jo or Ken on our TOLL FREE line 1-888-765-8027 It doesn't cost a penny to ask a question!

Unfortunately we cannot offer free shipping to the USA on any of our "Current Offers" items, as they have been significantly marked down up to 60% or more;  and leave no room for further discounts. We hope you understand!

Shipping will not cover items damaged by the shipping Carrier, that's common sense. We will assist you in the claims process provided you follow the procedure. Again it doesn't cost you anything to ask, if you are not sure. Call us TOLL FREE 1-888-765-8027

All products shipped by or our Suppliers which are delivered to you by a Carrier. In the event a packaged is delivered to you by the carrier that BEFORE OPENING you can see it is obviously damaged, DO NOT RECEIPT FOR OR ACCEPT IT, DO NOT OPEN IT, have the Carrier company immediately return it to the warehouse Supplier named on the package, with a notation "Package damaged prior to delivery".

Once you have receipted for or otherwise accepted delivery of a package, the package and its contents become your responsibility. So don't throw away any packaging material. CALL US TOLL FREE 1-888-0765-8027 We'll help you through the process.

Tip! Take a photograph of the damaged item.

So to recap - retain the packaging material, packing slip and invoice; also , take a photograph of the damaged item,  as this all helps to facilitate any subsequent product return to the Supplier named on the package." It's the same as shopping in a physical retail store, when they tell you to keep your receipt in case of returns or exchanges"

Here's what the Lawyers tell us we have to say -  "If after receipting for and accepting delivery from the Carrier, of a package originating from either or our Suppliers, you propose to return the product, it is imperative that you advise us within seven-days of receipt of the package, by e-mail, through our web-site "Contact Us", providing an explanation for the return, the invoice number and date, packing slip number and date, as well the date you will be shipping and to whom, through which Carrier company and where from, as well receive from us a "Return Authorization" (RA) number. Return shipments MUST display our "Return Authorization" (RA) number clearly on the shipping package, just below the shipping label. Returns without a properly displayed RA# will be rejected by the Supplier warehouse. "Authorized Returns" MUST be received back at the Supplier's warehouse within 30-days of such notification.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will gladly offer you an exchange or refund of the merchandise price if you contact us TOLL FREE within Seven (7) days of receipt of the item to get an authorisation number. PLEASE NOTE; You will be responsible for all return shipping charges and related costs. If the product is returned in a damaged condition then a 20% re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund, so please re-pack very carefully. Any unauthorized returns will be subject to a 50% re-stocking fee. so CALL US TOLL FREE at 1-888-765-8027 before returning. We want happy customers, not mad customers.

Refunds will be issued approximately 7-business days after our warehouse shipper receives the item back and confirms to us it is still in Mint condition, or that an extenuating circustance has occurred. Please note that due to periodic statutory holidays it may take up to 14-business days for a credit to be issued.